On: The Concept of Control

A very important life skill is understanding the true concept of control. Namely, the difference between the things you can control, the things you have some control over and the things in which you have no control. This ideology dates back to 3 centuries BCE in Stoic philosophy and can be found in Catholic prayers as well as traditional yoga classes. Sadly, we seem to keep forgetting this simple but very impactful truth.

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I’ve recently made it a priority to consider what I can and cannot control. In the end I gained tranquility, confidence and overall happiness. Along the way I learned that society does not support this ideology. I was finding that, on a daily occurrence, others were prompting me to focus on things I could not control. To have success I had to be assertive and repetitive. I would remind myself daily of things I could and could not control. I would remind others of this as well.  

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Every time someone made a comment that would influence me to worry about things I could not control it felt empowering to remind them that I had no control. Not a single person had an issue with this reminder (or maybe they did but I can’t control and was not worried about their response). Through the course of all of this I have received positive comments from others stating I seem “different -but in a good way.”

Worrying about things you cannot control wastes valuable time and can negatively affect all parts of your life. By realizing the things we can and cannot control we are equipped to act accordingly and in return have more tranquility. It is incredibly empowering to remind yourself and others of what you can and cannot control. By reminding yourself of the concept of control you take back control of your tranquility and happiness.

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