How to: Positively Define Yourself

Happiness and fulfillment begin with a solid sense of self. When we have a good relationship with ourselves: our relationships with others thrive, we build natural confidence, and we are equipped to handle setbacks.

Being positive doesn’t mean we need to be perfect. It’s leveraging our strengths while acknowledging and working on our weaknesses. It’s about accepting who we are and believing things will get better if we work at them.

While religion can be beneficial and can give us a sense of community, we shouldn’t be defined by our religious beliefs. This can lead to us ignoring our true feelings resulting in inner turmoil, anxiety and depression.

Same goes for a company that wants us to define our personal values by the corporate strategy.  Being a diligent employee has its benefits and we should strive to do our best, but we should find self-actualization from within not at work.

We need autonomy and to feel comfortable being ourselves. Relationships should be an added bonus to an already fulfilling life. If we define ourselves by our relationships, we can end up being codependent.

To find a clear idea of who we are we can start by finding things that we enjoy and qualities about ourselves that we like. Don’t force it. If you can’t think of any at the moment reflect on not defining yourself by work, religion, etc. and see where your thoughts go.

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