On: Identity

“When our models of who we are fall away, we are free simply to meet and be together. And when this sense of being encompasses all separateness dissolves and we are united into compassion.”

– Ram Dass & Paul Gorman

We have a lot of identities. Identities we were born into. Identities others have given to us. Identities that have systematically evolved. At one moment we are caregivers. In another, employees. This list goes on. We can get caught up in our separate identities that we lose track of who we are without them.

Underneath our separate identities we have our ego, our core beliefs and our assumptions. Underneath all of that we have our true self. The self who is inquisitive, creative and wants to explore. The self that is truly humanistic. Is centered. Who strives for simplicity and does not focus on extravagance.

When we focus on reacquainting  with our true selves we are able to:

  • center and be reminded of our basic human qualities
  • understand and identify with others
  • fulfill a basic need we have lost sight of -our need to channel our inner compassion and our need to feel connected to each other

We have more in common with each other than we think. Yes, we may look different or have different ideas of how things should be. But we are all living beings with hopes and dreams going through the human experience.

While connecting to others and getting reacquainted with our compassionate self we will come to understand our identities for what they truly are. We will start to find the confidence and love that has always been within.

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