How to: Start Your Day Like a Boss

Scanning the National Geographic Instagram page I saw a picture of a lion standing alone -sun rising in the distance. The caption explained that the alpha male starts his day by prowling his territory and roaring to let others know of his presence. Each roar an attempt to discourage other lions from attempting to take over the territory.

While I think it would be hilarious (and most likely stress reducing) to have a bunch of people wake up and roar as loudly as they can, I am going to suggest you roar in a different way. A way that will suit your needs similar to how the lion’s roar suits his. Your roar will be less loud but will have a similar, if not larger, impact.

I am asking you to roar by showing appreciation.

Allow me to explain: When we are appreciative of the things we have we open ourselves up to receiving more of what we want. We put ourselves in a disposition to become aligned with what we are trying to achieve. We notify the universe that we are ready and willing to accept abundance.

Example 1: Making friends is tough – especially as we get older. Trying to make connections and find friends can be really discouraging. If we are discouraged we can be missing opportunities to make connections and make friends. Instead of saying things like “I have no friends” try to be appreciative for the connections that you currently have -even if it is just a passing connection. This will send out the signal that we are open to receiving and accepting of more connection.

Example 2: If someone is single and looking for a significant other they may get discouraged by bad dates. While completely understandable, that discouragement may come off as negativity and ruin a potentially good date down the road. While allowing themselves to be discouraged, they should also remind themselves to be appreciative for the things they currently have in order to keep their disposition optimistic and open.

Appreciation is also a great way to keep us from hyper focusing. When something is no going the way we would like we can lose focus on other aspects of our life. If we are not doing so well in one part of our life, showing appreciation in others will continue to remind us that we are complex and our fulfillment comes from many sources.

To start your day with appreciation, like the lion prowls his territory, prowl your mind for things to be appreciative for. List a few of those things (by using your inner voice or aloud) to send a message notifying the world that you are open and accepting. This can be done before getting out of bed or during a part of your morning routine like brushing your teeth.

If you think you may have trouble remembering to do this make a note and stick it next to your bed or text yourself the night before so you get a text reminder. If you continue to repeat this appreciation practice it will become habit.

At first it may be tough to find things to be appreciative for. To start you can be appreciative for the things we sometimes take for granted like the ability to walk, think, talk, see, hear. Even if you do not like your current job situation you can be appreciative for the ability to pay bills and gain skills to look for a better job. You could be appreciative that you remembered to list things you are appreciative for.

Things I was appreciative for this morning:

  • getting my blog organized and having the energy to write;
  • falling asleep quickly and maintaining a sleep schedule;
  • that I said no to a request to do something I did not want to do;
  • my home;
  • that I am going to force myself to go to the gym even though I do not want to;
  • that I am continually working on my self development and improving myself.

Continue to practice this appreciation routine and you will notice improvements in your life. You will feel happier and hopefully less depressed. You will start finding things to be appreciative for that you might otherwise not have. You will move forward towards you goals and get closer to the things you want.

1 thought on “How to: Start Your Day Like a Boss

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