Analysis: “I hate men” meme

There’s a lot going on here.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” – Elie Wiesel

To hate something means to give it energy and thought. There are things that I disagree with and things I do not appreciate but there is not much that I can say that I hate. Hatred can be associated with anger and anger is typically a secondary emotion. When we think we hate something it could just a defense mechanism to hide our sadness. We may actually be hurt and upset by the way someone treated us and if we don’t know how to effectively handle our emotions that can make us think we are angry.

Pretty sure we can all agree this person has not met every man in the entire world. When they say they “hate men” they are most likely talking about the men that they have met in their life so far. To judge an entire group of people over the actions of a few can be self sabotaging. Think of all of the wonderful experiences and people you could miss out on. If we do not set healthy boundaries we may be attracting the wrong people. After being treated badly by a few people we may think that everyone is that way but that is not the case.

One trick to a happy life is understanding that there is good in the world and there are good people. If you find yourself attracting the wrong people, it is much healthier and beneficial to reflect on the kind of people you look for and possibly changing your behaviors for the better in lieu of saying you hate an entire group of people.

I am no psychologist but my thought on someone who would tattoo “I hate men” on themselves is most likely very upset and disheartened by the way they were treated by men in their life. They are embracing their secondary emotion of anger instead of dealing with their feelings of sadness. I wish this was not the case and that this person had better experiences. If they would let go of the hate and focus on attracting better people they would be able to release some of the sadness.

“We just be playing.” Not really sure what he is referring to here but what comes to mind when I read this is the games that some guys play. Acting like they care when they only want to use women for sex. Lying, cheating, negging, etc. While some may see this as playing – it is not playing. It is messing with someones emotions and lying. I find it sociopathic that someone would lie and misrepresent their intentions -dehumanizing another person – just so they can objectify them for their body. Whatever the case, I wish what we could all learn from this is that what one person considers “playing” may actually be really hurtful to the other person.


  • Hatred is most likely derived from anger. Anger is a secondary emotion which is usually masking sadness.
  • We are hurting ourselves by judging an entire group of people by the actions of a few.
  • What one person considers “playing” may actually be really hurtful to another. We should be mindful of other people’s feelings.
  • It’s beneficial for us to handle our emotions and remain optimistic.

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