Why I Love Doing Things Alone and Why You Should Try It Too

“Just one?”

The stigma around eating out or doing things alone is outdated. Most likely made up by insecure people who are uncomfortable being alone with themselves. This ridiculous stigma creates unnecessary restrictions and keeps us from living our best lives.

Everyone should try to do things alone. You want to see that new movie none of your friends want to see – go. You want to try that new restaurant on a whim – do it

Not doing things because you can’t find someone to do them with is limiting and restrictive. If we wait for someone else we are essentially putting life on hold for another person. Then, if we met a friend or a significant other, we can put unnecessary pressure on them to do things we have bee looking forward to doing. Or, even worse, the things we wanted to do could no longer be available.

Going out alone has a lot of benefits:

  • It can help us meet people – I’ve met a lot of people while out by myself – including really good friends I still have to this day. Sometimes it can be a little invasive (especially if I want to read a book). There have been times when I genuinely want to be left alone and read and people would not stop talking to me. There are other times when I am out alone and more than happy to start a conversation with a friendly stranger.
  • It gets us out of the house and active – Sometimes we just need to get out. It can be refreshing and give us a healthy perspective. Being home, day after day, can be addictive. It’s good to get out every once-in-a-while. Making plans with friends or family can be a hassle, especially if they are last minute. Going out alone is great when we decide we want to do something spur of the moment.
  • It gives us control and power – By not being afraid to do things alone we give ourselves the power to do things that we enjoy. If we want to do something we just go do it. No more unnecessary restrictions. No more relying on trying to find someone who wants to do the same things we want to do.
  • It make us happier – All of the things listed above contribute to our happiness. We will be doing things we enjoy, meeting new people, and enjoying life.

I do things alone a lot and sometimes prefer it. Living in a city with an amazing orchestra, I really wanted to go see a show, so I did. I wanted to try out a restaurant on a moments notice, so I went. I wanted to go to London, so I went there too. By doing things alone I have gained confidence and a happier outlook on life. When I go out and they say “Just one,” I say, “yup!”

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