False: Unconditional Love Makes You Weak

Yet another misguided “inspiration quote.” This was shared by one of my facebook friends. It is inaccurate and projects an ideology that is counterintuitive to self-love and growth. Let’s dive right in.

Unconditional love for someone does not make you weak, it does not make you weaker.

Unless you are in some kind of extreme situation like in a drug cartel and your enemies can use your unconditional love for your child as a weakness against you, this is completely false. Not many of us are in cartels so it is safe to say we are clear here. Love, true love, is without restriction. Having unconditional love for someone is the only kind of love that you should have. To love is not a weakness. To open yourself to love is a sign of strength, especially if you are opening yourself up to love after bad past experiences.

Being hurt by someone who you trusted blindly does not make you weaker.

Not sure what they mean by “trust blindly.” Of course we should not give anyone our trust without getting to know them first. If we do that then it does not mean we are weak, it means we are trustworthy but need to put up some boundaries. Having that in mind, it is not a weakness to trust someone. The true sign of cowardice is choosing to not trust someone because you were hurt before. It takes a lot of strength to trust again after being hurt. I commend that.

Getting ignored by someone who you have given everything to is not weakness.

Not sure what they mean by “give everything.” We should never give everything of ourselves to anyone. If someone is giving everything to another they are most likely in a very unhealthy relationship. Being so concerned about another and giving them everything leaves us with nothing left for ourselves. It is not weakness to give of ourselves. We should give to others. There is a difference between giving and giving too much. Healthy boundaries can be formed to help with this.


To love and trust is a sign of strength. It is admirable and in no way a sign of weakness. This quote is bullshit. Honestly, I’m annoyed that someone would spread this unhealthy junk. People are impressionable. When they read things like this they can get the wrong idea and it can negatively impact their life. I do not know who this BSV is, and as a fellow author I would never want to insult another, but more care needs to be given when writing things like this.

1 thought on “False: Unconditional Love Makes You Weak

  1. In my opinion, all those three things can be seen as a weakness to people who just want to take advantage of a loving human being. An example, an ex-husband who knows so well that his children’s mom will give in because of her unconditional love to the children. Another example, a wife who truly thought her Mr Mulipulater is Mr Trustworthy and gives her body, heart, soul and money(everything) because her mind is confused. No longer able to see the truth. Whoever wrote that quote, I think he/she was a victim who had been mulipulated, hurt and emotional abused. I am guessing that the writer might not know what healthy boundary is. A giver without heatlhy boundary become a doormat and resentful by his/her loved ones. You are right that people shouldn’t post words like that. It influences those’s minds are confused. I quite enjoyed reading your posts. I read a few!


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