Pilot: You Are What You Watch

Introducing a series regarding the impact that television and movies have on culture and human behavior.

It’s no surprise television is a major part of society. 88% of adults watch television regularly. Revenue for subscription services is in the billions and the person who came up with the “skip intro” button should be considered for a Nobel Prize. Something so large is definitely going to influence society. We build relationships by discussing shows, we incorporate it into our dating culture (Netflix and Chill, anyone?), among many other things.

With global revenue for box office sales projected to reach over 50 billion next year, movies, like television have a large influence on society and human behavior. We build relationships and bond over movies -fandoms are created. We have get togethers to watch award shows and spare no expense for our home entertainment set ups.

Movies can inspire us, elicit emotions, and give us something to do on a date or random night. Television can be an escape. It can be a reward. It can be family bonding time. Television and movies can be many things. Most importantly – they are what we make of them.

In this series I am going to post articles regarding the influence television and movies have on society and behavior.


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