Foundations_Episode 1: Repetition

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

When trying to make a long lasting change, repetition is key. We are habit forming creatures and we naturally gravitate towards what is recognizable, what is comfortable and what feels safe. Even the worst habits can feel safe when we have grown familiar with them. We are trying to undo years of habits and thought patterns. Our brains are wired and we are redoing that wiring. It is going to take some time.

It is very exciting and elating to push past a bad habit and make a positive change. Those feelings can be overpowered by sadness when we revert back. The good news is that if we are reverting back it means we have gone forward. We have made a wave and we can continually make waves until we drown it out.

Keep going. Just keep going. Keep your eye on the prize and continue to work towards your goals.

You may even start to notice a pattern. I noticed one in myself. When I am trying to break a bad habit (automatic thought, core belief, behavioral change, etc.) I usually start by understanding and accepting the reasoning behind why I have the bad habit. Logically, I understand it is bad but my understanding is not fully connected yet. I will make small changes towards removing the bad happen. And then Boom! Habit back in full force.

I realize I reverted and get back up. I make some waves and then, boom! habit back in full force again. Only this time it is not actually in full force. It is weaker but it feels like it is full force because I have not had it in a while. Kind of like how your tolerance for alcohol lowers when you do not drink as often as you used to. I am more aware the habit is bad for me and I know that I can overcome. I continue going until I am able to overcome the bad habit. It still comes back here and there but I know that repetition is key so I just continue on.

Don’t give up. You are probably doing better than you think.

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