Pilot: Extremes

Stop pressurin’ me
Just stop pressurin’ me
Stop pressurin’ me
Make me wanna scream

Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson – Scream

Series discussing extremes in our environment and how they impact our health and well being.

All around me I see extremes. In many different forms. Extreme dieting, fads, binaries, etc. etc. etc.

Extremes in choices needed to be made. In the pressure put on children of a young age. Extremes that create drama and leave us confused. Extremes that keep us from looking at alternatives that could have been used.

Maybe these extremes are to keep our attention. Maybe they are made to take us away from things others do not want us to mention. Whatever the case, in most aspects of life, extremes can be found. Without us realizing they can wreak havoc on us and hold us down.

Extremes cultivate drama and keep us from each other. There is no way we can be happy if we cannot relate to one another. Extremes can bring us to a place we did not wish to go. How we go to that place can be confusing and not for us to know.

Extremes can be a reason we are having conflict or feel like something ain’t right. Filling us with anxiety and making it hard for us to sleep at night. In this series we will dive into extremes and how they came about. In hopes that being alert to them them will help you call them out.

PS: Totes didn’t mean to make all of that rhyme but it just happened and once I got a grove going I rolled with it 😘

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