Foundations: Introduction

We have an idea. We feel super stoked and we go for gold. It feels good to dive right in. Sometimes we need to slow ourselves down and build some foundational level skills. These skills will help us while we work towards our goals.

Wanting to improve oneself is not without its hurdles. When we have foundational level knowledge of what to expect, and when we prepare ourselves with the right mindset we are better prepared to overcome obstacles in our way. We are also better equipped to handle any fall backs and to keep faith when things seem hopeless.

This is not to say you cannot start without these skills. It is to say that these skills will make it easier while you are trying to create change and better your circumstances. The Foundations Series is meant as a go to -a fill station if you will. Come here when you need a refresher or you are feeling like things aren’t working out the way you hoped.

All of the articles in this series are from the mindset that have helped me while I overcame my own personal tribulations. I am using this series as a refresher for myself and I constantly remind myself of foundations while I continually work to be the best version of myself that I can be.

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