5 Ways People Try to Control Their Partner via Social Media

Coupling up should improve our life -not have us feeling controlled. If we end up in a controlling relationship we may not realize it. Below are 5 ways someone may try to control their partner via social media.

1. Getting Mad at Their Partner for Liking a Post of an Attractive Person

People are going to look at people they are attracted to. We are programmed that way. As long as we are not posting comments that are derogatory or disrespectful, there should be no issue with commenting or liking someone else’s picture. We can still be respectful of our partner while innocently admiring another person for their looks.

Note: There is a chance for one-off situations here. If your partner asks you not to comment on a particular person’s photo, hear them out. It is controlling when they want you to not comment on photos of an entire group of people who share the same trait.

2. Posting Passive Aggressive Comments

I’ve seen couples who joke around and I’ve seen couples where one partner is obviously trying to control the other. In a relationship or not, we should be able to post comments on social media without fear of someone being passive aggressive. If your partner chases down your comments or posts comments on pictures “claiming” you, they are trying to control you.

3. Having a Shared Account

Having a shared account may have its benefits. Couples can post pictures of their kids for family and friends. However, if someone gets upset because you want your own account, they are trying to control you. The shared account is no longer an innocent thing but rather an outlet of control. We should be able to have our own accounts -if we have a shared account or not.

4. Using Your Password to Look at Your Account

A social media profile is a personal thing. No one should be forced to share their password with their partner. If your partner is trying to force you to share your password they are trying to control you. This can stem from trust issues or past trauma, whatever the case it is unhealthy.

5. Stalking Your Profile

Any kind of stalking is a clear sign of unhealthy habits. Our partner looking at our profile from time-to-time is understandable, it can turn into unhealthy control when they continually look and comment on anything we post. Being overly concerned with everything that another person does is due to a want to control that person.


There are many reasons why someone may want to control another. They could have unresolved issues, trust issues, or they could have been controlled in a previous relationship. Whatever the case, healthy relationships do not involve one partner controlling the other. We should be able to navigate social media without fear of our partners.

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