Ladies, Let’s Lift Some Weights! 5 Reasons Women Should Lift

Not feeling the gym today, I decided to look up some different glute activities to break the monotony. When I started to type in the query term “glute exercises,” Google autocompleted with these choices:

There should not be a difference between glute exercises for men and glute exercises for women. There are only glute exercises. The difference is not if you are male or female, the difference depends on what area of the glute you are trying to work.

A falsehood I was given by women’s magazines and advertising was that women get bulky and look like a guy if they lift weights. Society told me I should aim to look tone (a.k.a. feminine) by lifting only light weights, and to avoid heavier weights. I know that’s bullshit now. I also now deadlift at 185 lbs.

  • Unless you really want to, and you try really really hard, you are not going to get bulky like a dude. The women body builders you see work out ridiculously hard -probably with a few trainers and by doing two-a-days (2 workouts a day).
  • You either build muscle or you don’t. There is no such thing as being “tone”. “Tone” is a word made up by marketers to sell weight-loss and workout products.
  • Even if by some strange unicorn you build more muscle than you would like, cardio burns muscle. If you stop lifting and revert to cardio, eventually the muscle will cut down.
  • Building muscle is the best thing ever. Every woman should do it. Start tomorrow! I found cardio boring. When my friend introduced me to weight training I had a new appreciation for the gym -it kick started an entire new aspect of my weight loss.
5 Reasons Every Woman Should Weight Train:
  1. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. This was the reason I started, but is now just the icing on the cake! Your body burning more calories will help with weight loss, and will also help you not feel so guilty when you cheat on your diet here and there.
  2. There are hundreds of different exercised to help break up the monotony. Trying out different exercises keeps your body confused and helps keep your weight-loss in motion.
  3. You will see and feel yourself getting stronger. I love this. It’s really rewarding to noticeably see how much stronger you are getting when you are able to lift heavier and heavier weights.
  4. Your body will thank you. To put it simply, weight training just feels good. My body loves it. I like that I am more defined, I love how I feel.
  5. You will most likely meet other awesome people who lift. Everyone is really encouraging and helpful. It’s like a community that looks out for one another.

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