Redefining Selfishness

First, let me say that coming up with a new definition for a concept that is incorrectly used across an entire society is much more difficult than one may think. Second, let me tell you, the reason for this series is to outline that we (human kind) are using the term selfish incorrectly. While this may not seem like “that big of a deal,” let me tell ya, it is. Our misunderstanding of the concept of selfishness (and the definition of the word selfish) could be a contributing factor as to why millions of us have anxiety and depression. Any why the numbers just keep getting higher and higher. Sounds intense, I know. That is why it is so important to address.

In this series “Selfish” we are going to dive into the concept of selfishness, the literal meaning of the word selfish, how it is incorrectly defined and how that negatively contributes to our mental health and happiness. Is it really selfish to not have children? What makes someone more selfish than the other? Just how selfish are we really? Can someone really be selfless? Some of the questions answered in this new series regarding mental health, “Selfish.”

Up Next: Selfishness: Dissecting the Current Misguided Definition

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