Inspirational Post Gone Wrong

I’ve seen this quote posted a few times on social media (without the red X -I added that) and I felt annoyed each time. My annoyance (ignoring the obvious grammar mistakes) stems from the fact that, while I am sure well intentioned, this quote sends a bad message and can be negatively impactful.

The job one person may think is terrible is not the dream of every person who is unemployed. Even if it is, the person who has the job has every right to think it is terrible. If we are not happy or feel unfulfilled we are not happy and feel unfulfilled. That simple.

We spend too much brain power trying to figure out why what is supposed to make us happy isn’t making us happy when we should be focused on what WILL make us happy. If you have something someone else may want and you aren’t feeling happy about it, don’t feel guilty – you are not bad. Reflect and figure out why it is not bringing you joy.

This quote insinuates that we do not have the right to be discontent because someone else wants what we have. It encourages us to invalidate our feelings. Invalidation of feelings leads to inner turmoil and depression.

I am all for encouraging people to try and acknowledge and be grateful for what they have. Hell -I’ve wrote a post about it. But I am 100% against comparative guilt. You are not bad if you are not happy with your current situation, whether someone else would want it or not.

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