Foundations_Episode 1: Repetition

Rinse. Wash. Repeat. When trying to make a long lasting change, repetition is key. We are habit forming creatures and we naturally gravitate towards what is recognizable, what is comfortable and what feels safe. Even the worst habits can feel safe when we have grown familiar with them. We are trying to undo years of … Continue reading Foundations_Episode 1: Repetition

Pilot: Extremes

Stop pressurin’ meJust stop pressurin’ meStop pressurin’ meMake me wanna scream Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson – Scream Series discussing extremes in our environment and how they impact our health and well being. All around me I see extremes. In many different forms. Extreme dieting, fads, binaries, etc. etc. etc. Extremes in choices needed to be … Continue reading Pilot: Extremes

TV & Movies, Episode 1: What We Can Learn from the Friends Episode “Secrets”

The fourth episode of season 7 of the show Friends includes a bit where Chandler, Monica and Ross share each others secrets. Laughter and embarrassment ensues. At the end of the episode the trio decide they do not need to tell each other everything. Ross mentions he is going to hang out with people who … Continue reading TV & Movies, Episode 1: What We Can Learn from the Friends Episode “Secrets”

Pilot: You Are What You Watch

Introducing a series regarding the impact that television and movies have on culture and human behavior. It’s no surprise television is a major part of society. 88% of adults watch television regularly. Revenue for subscription services is in the billions and the person who came up with the “skip intro” button should be considered for … Continue reading Pilot: You Are What You Watch