Inspirational Post Gone Wrong

I’ve seen this quote posted a few times on social media (without the red X -I added that) and I felt annoyed each time. My annoyance (ignoring the obvious grammar mistakes) stems from the fact that, while I am sure well intentioned, this quote sends a bad message and can be negatively impactful. The job … Continue reading Inspirational Post Gone Wrong

We Are Not Responsible for Other People’s Past

Some people may have reservations and treat us differently or be standoffish towards us or unaccepting of love due to their past experiences. Being understanding and compassionate we may try to show that person how we are different, that they deserve to be loved, and that their past is not an adequate reflection of the … Continue reading We Are Not Responsible for Other People’s Past

Automatic Thoughts

We’ve all heard of a knee-jerk reaction or a knee-jerk decision. It is about time we discuss our knee-jerk thoughts, or our “automatic” thoughts. Automatic thoughts are thought processes or mental images that are triggered during certain situations. Let’s use an example of our imaginary friend Joe. Joe started a new job and he is … Continue reading Automatic Thoughts

People Call Us Selfish to Guilt Us into Doing Things

So far we’ve discussed the meaning of “selfish” and the misconceptions surrounding it. Now let’s talk about how it can negatively impact our happiness and overall wellbeing. Sometimes people guilt us into doing things we don’t want to do by calling us selfish. An example I gave in the previous post outlined parents guilting their … Continue reading People Call Us Selfish to Guilt Us into Doing Things

Selfish: Errbody’s Selfish

In a previous post we broke down the definition of selfish and how it is ridiculously misguided. Typically, when people discuss selfishness it is considered to be a negative trait of a particular person. This is untrue. Humans are made to survive. We evolve. With that we need to do things in order to survive … Continue reading Selfish: Errbody’s Selfish

Selfish: Common Misconceptions Explained with Real Life Examples

Understanding the concept of selfishness, and how it is misunderstood, will help us correctly define the world around us and can help us defend ourselves when we are being wrongfully guilted into doing something we do not want to do. Example 1: Consider a driver who decides to holds everyone else up to let someone … Continue reading Selfish: Common Misconceptions Explained with Real Life Examples

Selfish: We Have It All Wrong

To be selfish or “selfishness” is a natural trait that all humans share. It is the same having hunger, thirst, emotions, etc. Things that are commonly misunderstood to be selfishness or used as synonyms for the word selfish such as unkindness, egotism, introversion, or self-obsession are individual traits and it is important for us to … Continue reading Selfish: We Have It All Wrong