Selfishness: Dissecting the Current Misguided Definition

The dictionary definition of the word “selfish” is completely incorrect. Let’s just dive right on in, shall we? 1. Not sure if this should be an adjective or not. On one hand it is an adjective, as it describes a trait of the human race. On the other hand, it is a noun because it … Continue reading Selfishness: Dissecting the Current Misguided Definition

Redefining Selfishness

First, let me say that coming up with a new definition for a concept that is incorrectly used across an entire society is much more difficult than one may think. Second, let me tell you, the reason for this series is to outline that we (human kind) are using the term selfish incorrectly. While this … Continue reading Redefining Selfishness

Foundations: Introduction

We have an idea. We feel super stoked and we go for gold. It feels good to dive right in. Sometimes we need to slow ourselves down and build some foundational level skills. These skills will help us while we work towards our goals. Wanting to improve oneself is not without its hurdles. When we … Continue reading Foundations: Introduction

Pilot: Extremes

Stop pressurin’ meJust stop pressurin’ meStop pressurin’ meMake me wanna scream Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson – Scream Series discussing extremes in our environment and how they impact our health and well being. All around me I see extremes. In many different forms. Extreme dieting, fads, binaries, etc. etc. etc. Extremes in choices needed to be … Continue reading Pilot: Extremes

Pilot: You Are What You Watch

Introducing a series regarding the impact that television and movies have on culture and human behavior. It’s no surprise television is a major part of society. 88% of adults watch television regularly. Revenue for subscription services is in the billions and the person who came up with the “skip intro” button should be considered for … Continue reading Pilot: You Are What You Watch

False: Unconditional Love Makes You Weak

Yet another misguided “inspiration quote.” This was shared by one of my facebook friends. It is inaccurate and projects an ideology that is counterintuitive to self-love and growth. Let’s dive right in. Unconditional love for someone does not make you weak, it does not make you weaker. Unless you are in some kind of extreme … Continue reading False: Unconditional Love Makes You Weak

Why I Love Doing Things Alone and Why You Should Try It Too

“Just one?” The stigma around eating out or doing things alone is outdated. Most likely made up by insecure people who are uncomfortable being alone with themselves. This ridiculous stigma creates unnecessary restrictions and keeps us from living our best lives. Everyone should try to do things alone. You want to see that new movie … Continue reading Why I Love Doing Things Alone and Why You Should Try It Too