On: Advice, Invalidation, Depression & Self-love

Phone conversation. A few years ago: Friend: “Just forget it and push your feelings down.” Me: “That doesn’t sound right. Isn’t that just denial?” Friend: “You know what they say, ‘to get over someone, get under someone else.” Me: “But I do not want to have sex with someone else. Why would I force myself…. … Continue reading On: Advice, Invalidation, Depression & Self-love

On: Identity

“When our models of who we are fall away, we are free simply to meet and be together. And when this sense of being encompasses all separateness dissolves and we are united into compassion.” – Ram Dass & Paul Gorman We have a lot of identities. Identities we were born into. Identities others have given … Continue reading On: Identity

How to: Stop Overthinking

I have been told many a times I need to stop “overthinking”. This was frustrating. How was I to stop? Was I to simply stop thinking? Humans have over 70 thousand thoughts a day, my brain is my favorite attribute, why would I turn it off? Fuck, am I now overthinking overthinking? After reading a … Continue reading How to: Stop Overthinking