On: Advice, Invalidation, Depression & Self-love

Phone conversation. A few years ago: Friend: “Just forget it and push your feelings down.” Me: “That doesn’t sound right. Isn’t that just denial?” Friend: “You know what they say, ‘to get over someone, get under someone else.” Me: “But I do not want to have sex with someone else. Why would I force myself…. … Continue reading On: Advice, Invalidation, Depression & Self-love

How to: Positively Define Yourself

Happiness and fulfillment begin with a solid sense of self. When we have a good relationship with ourselves: our relationships with others thrive, we build natural confidence, and we are equipped to handle setbacks. Being positive doesn’t mean we need to be perfect. It’s leveraging our strengths while acknowledging and working on our weaknesses. It’s about accepting … Continue reading How to: Positively Define Yourself

How to: Stop Overthinking

I have been told many a times I need to stop “overthinking”. This was frustrating. How was I to stop? Was I to simply stop thinking? Humans have over 70 thousand thoughts a day, my brain is my favorite attribute, why would I turn it off? Fuck, am I now overthinking overthinking? After reading a … Continue reading How to: Stop Overthinking

You Are Not Broken

Could you imagine if you went to Ikea with a friend, purchased a dresser, collected the box, brought it home and upon opening the box your friend yells “It’s broken?!” I assume you would be looking at your friend with confusion (or questioning how much they drank with lunch). How could they expect that the … Continue reading You Are Not Broken

On: The Concept of Control

A very important life skill is understanding the true concept of control. Namely, the difference between the things you can control, the things you have some control over and the things in which you have no control. This ideology dates back to 3 centuries BCE in Stoic philosophy and can be found in Catholic prayers … Continue reading On: The Concept of Control